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    Football Strength and Conditioning Program

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time sitting on the sidelines due to injury and watching your team mates play. Football is a highly dynamic and explosive sport which requires a specialised strength and conditioning training program. Primal offers custom built programs to suit an individual player’s position. This comprises of a consultation with one of Primal’s FFA accredited Coaches, a Range Of Motion assessment (where joint angles are measured) and a functional movement screen. Based on these results, a 5 week program will be created. You then have the choice of performing the program on your own (once our Performance Coach has taken you through the techniques involved), or you can choose to be guided through in our 1 on 1 Performance Coaching sessions at our private studio in Erina or on pitch. These programs are guaranteed to make you quicker, more agile, have better cardiovascular endurance, recover more quickly and most importantly stay injury free.

We recommend booking in for a 10x 1 on 1 session block to gain the maximum results.



1 on 1 Performance Coaching – $80 (45 minutes) including consultation and ROM Testing

5 Week Custom Designed Program – $149 including consultation, 1x 45 min  session to ensure correct technique, emailed program and ROM Testing

2 People (Buddy Session) – $60 p/p (45 minutes)


Book in for 10x 1 on 1 Sessions get 1 FREE!