• Personal Training

    One-on-One personalised training sessions

Primal’s One on One Coaching

Over the years, Primal has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their own personal goals. If you’d like to wake up every morning feeling healthy, happy and with enough energy for your job, your family and most importantly your life, then you can benefit from Primal’s one on one coaching programs. With effort and consistency, you will start seeing and feeling the benefits in as little as 3 weeks. Stefan has over 11 year’s industry experience, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will be receiving the highest quality care.

Small Group Coaching

If you feel like you would like to train with some friends and share the cost, try Primal’s Small Group Coaching. You still receive all the awesome benefits of One on One but at a fraction of the cost. Just find other friends to join you, and you can start your new journeys together.